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Our Commitment
Chicago Property Finders' Commitment is 100% Client Satisfaction in your home search.

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Our Specialty
Our Specialty is leasing, buying & selling Chicago’s most luxurious apartments and finest real estate!

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Our Focus
Our focus is on finding you the perfect home, and will work tirelessly to deliver for every client! 

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Chicago Property Finders was established with our clientele in mind; our consultative approach allows us to fully meet client needs, wants, and budget. Thus allowing us to also help place you properly in your chosen lifestyle and social groups. We understand that moving alone is an antagonizing process that does not need to be any harder by spending hours and days trying to locate the property you desire. The trained and licensed agents at Chicago Property Finders will do all of that work for you; just sit back, relax, and enjoy our tour of Chicago's most suitable residencies!

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If you don't know already, Chicago has a variety of different neighborhoods, lifestyles, social groups, networks, etc... There are too many variables that go into finding the perfect place to live and that is why, we at Chicago Property Finders will formulate these variables after a brief fact finding introduction. Our industry experts will then help place you in your ultimate lifestyle choice!